General Strategy objectives

  • An investment company with long term sustainable growth ambition with the core investment in safe recurring cash flow generating companies in conjunction with minority investments in sustainable and digital business models with high growth potential
  • The value growth and creation come from the four segments strong recurring cash flows
  • All IB Invest’s holdings shall have a strong sustainability character and a prudent business model

Core Holdings in SBB

  • Eternal holding as SBB operates in the world’s safest real estate asset classes with a focus on continued sustainable value creation through property management and 3 value-add strategies that deliver growth and additional profit
  • Sustainability is the core of SBB’s business model as the first private member ever of Public Housing Sweden
  • In December 2020 SBB issued the world’s largest social bond
  • Founder, Largest shareholder, Board member and CEO, Ilija Batljan controls 31.7% of the votes in the company and 8.1% of the capital per October 31 2021

Real Estate & Logistics

  • Long-term real estate holdings focusing on the strong demand for all forms of logistics facilities, distribution hubs and warehouses
  • IB Invest investment properties: #3 fully owned properties focus on cash-flow generation for long-term management
  • Odd Molly: Largest shareholder in Odd Molly that has accelerated on its real estate ambition to becoming a strong player within the logistic-and light industry segment alongside the fashion business
  • Torsholm: Equity investment in a fully rented logistic property on a ~8-year lease to IAC Group Sweden AB with the property being managed by Arctic Business Management

Sustainable impact Investments

  • The area that is expected to grow the most in the next few years where holdings shall significantly contribute to limiting or adapting to the climate change
  • Most of the cash flow used for sustainable impact investments comes from dividends received from the Core holding SBB
  • Six holdings consisting of approximately ~8 percent of the total investment portfolio
  • The largest holding company constitutes of Scandinavian Biogas, a listed market leading producer of biogas in the Nordics with the highest shade of green ratings by CICERO for both equity and debt frameworks
  • Investments can be listed and unlisted companies and have a Nordic presence

Digital Investments

  • The area constitutes of companies with a sound business model that are well-positioned to capture the strong digitalisation trend
  • High growth potential with limited dividend contribution at inception
  • Three holdings amounting to less than 4 percent of the total investment portfolio
  • Investments can be listed and unlisted companies and have a Nordic presence
  • Opportunistic exits have taken place and are allowed for the right price

Green Bond Framework

IB Invest’s green bond framework is developed to enable green bond financing of green buildings, renewable energy investments and investments in sustainable companies that contributes to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.

Current equity investments in sustainable company holdings such as:

  • Exeger
  • Scandinavian biogas
  • Hexicon
  • Coloreel
  • Climeon
  • Cellimpact