IB Invest’s investment portfolio consists of four segments:

Core Holdings in SBB

  • Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (rated BBB by S&P and Fitch) was founded by Ilija Batljan in March 2016 with a vision to building the best Nordic real estate company for social infrastructure
  • The company focuses on long term ownership and management of rental apartments in Sweden and community properties in the Nordic region, which are developed in collaboration with low risk municipalities around the Nordic region

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Real estate & logistics

  • Logistea, previously named Odd Molly, was founded in 2002 in Sweden and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap since 2010.
  • Since 2019, the company owns commercial warehouses and logistics properties, which are leased to external tenants. 26 March 2021 the company announced it streamlines its operations as a real estate company fully focusing on warehouse and logistics real estate. Odd Molly also announced it had entered into an agreement with We aRe Spin Dye (”WRSD”) regarding sale of the fashion segment.
  • During the fall 2021 Odd Molly changed company name to Logistea.

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  • Torsholmen Sörred Fastighets AB, is a real estate company established by Arctic Securities. In 2019 the company acquired a large property in Torslanda, outside of Gothenburg, from IAC. IAC is an important supplier to Volvo Cars
  • The strategic location is in close connection to the area where Volvo Cars announced that it intends to start extensive investments in Torslanda with
  • IAC remains as tenant and has approximately 8 years left of the contract

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Sustainable impact Investments

  • Cellimpact is a global mechanical manufacturer of advanced bipolar flow plates for hydrogen fuels
  • The company has developed and patented a unique method for adiabatic high-velocity forming, offering high-volume manufacturing of plates with complex and precise flow patterns
  • Cellimpact’s customers are vehicle- and fuel cell producers based in North-America, Japan and China
  • The company have experienced a significant rise in operating income recent years, contributing to a steady increase in return on equity

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  • Climeon AB provides sustainable electrical power generation from low temperature waste heat from maritime, steel, cement, geothermal power plants, and genset industries. Climeon serves solar power, paper mills, data centers, and hospitals worldwide
  • Operations started in 2015 and has since then established a global customer base within maritime and industrial waste heat recovery and geothermal heat power
    • Climeon’s B share is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier since October 13, 2017

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  • The foundation is a groundbreaking instant thread coloring product and a suite of design and integration software. The product directly feeds any embroidery machine in the market with any solid color or coloring effect you can imagine
  • The Coloreel unit is created for the embroidery industry. It empowers design creativity and opens up the possibilities for new unique embroidery designs

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  • Exeger was established in 2009, with the business idea to create word changing solar cells to improve everyday life
  • Powerfoyle is Exeger’s patented solar cell material, designed and engineered for humans and daily need. It has the unique ability to transform any outdoor and indoor light into clean, endless energy
  • Exeger is a deep tech company, opening for a universe with self powered products inventing, engineering and providing patented solar cell material to partners around the world

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  • Hexicon develops floating wind farms and designs floating multi turbine wind power platforms. The company was founded in 2009 and has participated in development projects around the world, including the world largest floating wind farm outside South Korea
  • Hexicon’s patented platforms are positioned further offshore and in deeper waters than conventional designs, where they have less visual impact and better wind conditions. The floating technology allows the platforms to align with the direction of the wind, maximizing efficiency
  • In November 2020 Hexicon raised SEK 122m in a directed new equity issue, which strengthens the balance sheet position. IB Invest entered as new equity holder in conjunction with the new the balance sheet position. IB Invest entered as new equity holder in conjunction with the new issue, with a capital investment of SEK 25m

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  • The company bases its activities on its core technology where silicon based substances are bound to the fibres in the wood via organic catalysis. Products have been developed based on this technology that give the treated wood material both an effective flame and rot protection.

Read more on Organo Wood’s website

Scandinavian biogas
  • Scandinavian Biogas produces compressed biogas (CBG) and liquid biogas (LBG) based on proprietary technology and know-how
  • The biogas is mainly used in heat production, upgraded and liquid biogas used as vehicle fuel, and bio-fertilizer as a substitute for artificial fertiliser
  • The Company operates five plants, whereof three in Sweden, one in Norway and one in South Korea
  • In December 2020, Scandinavian Biogas’ was listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market Stockholm

Read more on Scandinavian Biogas’ website

We aRe Spin Dye
  • The company is a Swedish cleantech company that provides and offers a technology and platform for production and quality control that enables players in the fashion and clothing industry to significantly reduce their environmental impact. The company’s business concept is to establish a new, sustainable and transparent standard for dyeing synthetic textiles in the fashion and apparel industry in a simple and user-friendly way.

Read more on We are Spin Dye’s website

Digital investments


Kameo is a Scandinavian platform, whose concept makes it possible for real estate developers and growing companies to obtain financing directly from thousands of investors as a complement to traditional bank financing

Read more on Kameo’s website

Clar Global

Clar works to establish global financial rails connecting banks with consumers worldwide, increasing transparency and reducing friction between consumers and lenders by digitizing the global consumer credit market.

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  • Tessin Nordic AB (publ) was founded in 2014 and is now a leading Nordic fintech and the largest digital investment platform in the property financing segment in terms of brokered capital.
  • The business is based on a proprietary digital platform that links property developers seeking loan financing with users seeking exposure to a high-return asset class with balanced risk and backed by collateral, primarily property mortgages.

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  • The company was founded in Stockholm in 2017, to help retailers reimagine their in-store shopping experiences. Our state-of-the-art retail platform is designed to overcome the challenges of modern retail by bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world.

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